Waterspout (wa·ter·spout) - noun

a funnel-shaped or tubular column of rotating cloud-filled wind usually extending from the underside of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud down to a cloud of spray torn up by the whirling winds from the surface of an ocean or lake

Real-time access to data, analytics and report functions from connected water infrastructure sensors

Waterspout - Landscape.png
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TREKK's DaaS (Data as a Service) Delivery model combines data collection, analytics & solutions delivered to your desktop computer with no investment in hardware or software for a cost-effective yearly fee.  Up to 16 sensors can be added to our flow imaging system to be a tailored solution for every site. 

Let TREKK handle the details of data delivery and writing the code. Full customization available. 

  • Real Time Data

  • Fully Customizable Front End Analytics and Hardware

  • Integration to Existing Hardware and Software

  • Cost Effective

  • Lease options and training available